Thursday, 23 January 2014

January purchases – wardrobe classics

I’ve been avoiding the January sales.  Trawling through clothes rails, picking out something that I might wear once (if lucky) just because it’s a fiver is not for me.

And although I have friends who queued up at 5am to get at the bargains in Next, I get up at silly o’clock only when paid to.

So off I dandered to the shops to browse the full price items.  But pieces I know I’ll wear all the time.  So here goes!

Topshop Tall Leigh indigo wash jeans

I LIVE in my black Leighs from Toppers, and when I needed to replace my blue jeans I knew exactly what I wanted. 

These are truly skinny, and wash pretty well - especially for £38. 

Being a lassy of 5’10, this is one of the only shops in NI that actually does clothes for the long of limb. These are ankle grazer, so are great with shoe boots or heels.

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless

The name says it all.  This is hands down the best strapless bra I’ve ever had – this is a replacement for one that lasted years. 

It’s got sticky bits and a really strong structure (including finger-like panels that hold you in place) that make sure everything stays in the right place all night long.  I've actually gone horse riding wearing this bra and nothing's moved.

And the deep V at the front means there’s always a helping of cleavage!  I buy in nude because it goes under everything, white to black (just avoid the photo flashes).

The lovely ladies at House of Fraser in Belfast helped me out with size and fit.

Dune Sip boots

I’d been searching for a pair of black knee-high boots with a bit of a heel for a while, and was v excited to come across these Dune babies in Belfast’s House of Fraser.

My criteria were: wear with jeans or skirts, able to run to the bus stop in them, not so trendy I couldn’t wear next season, and to fit my calves.

The soft leather in these is snug to my legs, and the heel is a decent height without being too high to walk in.  You don’t get owt for nowt these days and I felt £125 was a reasonable amount to spend on what I see as an investment boot.

River Island grey scoop neck tee

I am always attracted to tshirts and jersey tops in shops, so it’s no surprise this relaxed number caught my eye. 

It’s great with jeans and Converse, or teamed with a leather miniskirt.  And at £14 sure you couldn’t be bad to it!

And thus begins the basis of my 2014 capsule wardrobe! 

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  1. Great buys Sara, you're going to wear them so much and thanks for the tip re the jeans - I've never tried Topshop skinnies...I know #fashionbloggerfail Ax
    PS Miss u - hopefully see you soon xx


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